Welcome to Bishop Kelly High School Class of 1965

The Bishop Kelly High School, Class of 1965 was the greatest group of friends imaginable.  Most of our classmates grew up together: preschool, elementary, high school, even college for some.  There were many events that bound us together: Christianity, sports, dances, births, deaths, old school (St. Teresa’s), new school (BK), and being socially involved in each others lives, day-in and day- out.  Our lives were so intertwined, it is hard to figure out how or why we ever managed to move away from one another. This class was “American Graffiti”.  Many loses that pull at our heart-strings include several friends never forgotten.

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The Thinker

1965 School Parking Lot

1965 Basketball Team

2005 Reunion Group Photo

1965 Pep Club

Oooo, Oooo, Oooo

St. Mary's Grade School - 6th Grade

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Bishop Kelly High School – 2015